Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is my first post here at my blog and actually I really set a date for my self this weekend so that I can have an interesting post for my first blog. "Saturdate" is significant for me, way back in Manila this is our D-D ( Dating Day of my boyfriend Mike ). But since were in LRD (Long Distance relationship at the moment) I manage myself to learn to be byself at the moment. It's kinda hard but I need to help myself. (ooops wala muna drama) ... So I decided to go to Watsons Bay ( New South Wales ) to be at seaside and to see some rock formation. Before I forget I got my free cruise ticket from a friend that I met to our connect group. Mind you it is unlimited everywhere...How Blessed I am...:D.
I manage to take shop shots at the edge of the clift.. hehehe... scary pero post lang ng post

I'll try to step on huge rock formation.. I run everytime I set my tri-pod. hahaha Though some tourist are already staring at me pero deadma padin,
I took this shots with the aide of my tripod... hahaha I always do my portrait ( SoloHista )              

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