Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Glimpse of Melbourne

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It’s been ages I have not been to Melbourne maybe last 2008 since I step my foot to this states. I am lucky that Sydney is not that far to Melbourne so I was able to purchase a ticket to fly here. What is the main reason I am here??? We’ll it’s my best friend wedding in the afternoon. Though my time is too short I still manage to walk in the city to take some photos if this wonderful states.
While walking I’m mesmerizing those days I was here. Is a mix of emotion I try to checkout those particular spots that I took some photos before. While walking spotted this flower stand. I love flowers so I took photos of them.. 

 Love the all I want to buy but a little expensive ohhhhh look at the price…. Hehehe… so hangang tingin nalang ako at pictures..  . While taking photos an old man manage to see what I’m doing when he saw me he return quickly return to his place pick a flower and smile at me hand me over the pick stargazer .My heart was overwhelming while reaching the flowers.. I’m so happy at that time before I left I give thanks to wonderful vendor..  I placed the flower to my ears and took photos tadaaaaan…. ;D.. It’s too pretty.  

Oh by the way I set my tripod Sleek to take my photos of course I’m travelling own my own.. As always..  
 Then I went to famous spots of Melbourne the Melbourne Railway Station it’s Sunday and luckily I spotted this group of people celebrating the Palm Sunday.  

 My time is too short so immediately took some photos to Melbourne Railway Station though lots of people are walking and staring at me I don’t mind them.. hehehe.. I’m like a tourist who just new to the place…  

3rd spot the Federation Square which is beside the Railway Station but I spotted this bike area . So I immediately set up my tripod and post!!!. Hehehe.. 

At the other side of the road is the Angelican Diocese of Melbourne. 

It’s nearly 11am and the wedding is 12:30 so Even though I still wanted to walk around I need to prepare for the wedding.  Along the street I’m so blessed I saw the donkey used to palm celebration earlier. So I quickly took photos with them. Hehehe.. ( no to time to shy ang pa kakataon nga naman). 

 Then I quickly say thank you and walk returning to my Hotel. Along the way I still took some photos  With this statues.  copying their post.
Even it was just a Glimpse of Melbourne I’m still overwhelm and I can’t stop whisppering to my self
“ Ohh Melbourne I still in love with you”. I’ll see you again and I’ll see to it that I spent more time to see you’re beauty.

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